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Sourdough Starter Kit


Fill your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked bread with this easy-to-use sourdough starter kit.   This dehydrated sourdough starter enables you to produce artisan style sourdough bread in your own home and lasts a lifetime.  Liz will send you emails to guide you on your journey to making this sourdough … the healthy bread!

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Did you know, sourdough:

  • Is the oldest form of leavened bread: it dates back to 1,500 BC in ancient Egypt and was the only form of leavened bread that existed until just a few centuries ago when commercial yeast became available. So we have been eating this sourdough for centuries and is really on of the most unprocessed breads we can eat
  • Is good for gut health: The sourdough starter that causes sourdough bread to rise is full of living bacteria … the good stuff.  The probiotics don’t survive the high heat of the oven, but the prebiotics do. This leads to a healthier digestive system
  • Is easier to digest: When sourdough bread dough is rising, the bacteria actually ferments the flour in the dough and pre-digests it. Thus the wheat is easier to digest than conventional bread so could be better for those who have issues with conventional bread.  Please note, it still does contain gluten so not appropriate for people who are celiac
  • Contains more nutrients: Thanks to good bacteria and fermentation, the sourdough starter not only breaks down the wheat, but also phytic acid, which is something that’s naturally found in wheat and actually blocks our bodies from absorbing many of its vitamins and minerals. This means we can absorb good things like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and folate from the bread. For the most nutrients, opt for whole wheat sourdough bread.
  • Has a lower glycemic index than conventional bread: Due to the fermentation process, many of the sugars and starches in the flour are broken down and eaten up by the natural yeasts so there is much less left in the baked bread than a conventional loaf.  So rather than having your blood sugar spike, it will remain much steadier, preventing an energy crash
  • Can easily be made at home by you:  Noosa Sourdough makes the baking of bread very easy to do!

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