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Smudging Rituals


These gorgeous handmade smudging rituals will cleanse and energise your space, filling it with beautiful aromas of the essential oils.  We have five different wonderful smudges available:

  • Angels Garden: Benzoin, dammar & rose
  • Aphrodite’s Rose – Love Through Tears: Rose buds with rose damask soaked petals
  • Egyptian Priestess: Musk rose, oil soaked benzoin
  • Frankincense & Rose
  • Mystic Mountain – Celestial Grounding: Myrrh, moss resin and agarwood.

Each ritual comes with the charcoal to burn it on.  The charcoal is very easy to use … simply place it in a fire proof dish with some salt and light it from the concave side then sprinkle a small amount the smudging ritual on top. The beautiful aroma of the smudging ritual will fill your space.  The charcoal lasts a many uses.


Dedicated to the liberation of the soul, our beautiful Angel Alchemist range uses all ethically sourced ingredients and are handmade in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast. This gorgeous wellness range comprises amazing bath salts and flowers, shower salts, wellness sprays and oils, divine incenses, beautiful smudges, teas and much more.

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Smudging Ritual

Angels Garden, Aphrodite Rose, Egyptian Priestess, Frankincense & Rose, Mystic Mountain


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