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About Us

Clothes that mean business

All ethically sourced and handmade

— Shambhala & Co

Shambhala & Co specialises in sourcing beautiful, unique and ethical products handmade by small businesses, social enterprises and artists from within Australia and all around the world. We love to bring the beauty and creative talents of the world to you.  We stock products of pure desire and love from jewellery and accessories to clothing and homewares.

Many of our products come from small village industries, which allows people to live in their communities with their families rather than travel to overcrowded cities looking for work.  In turn, we also support social enterprises and small businesses that have been established to either employ or support groups such as people with disabilities, hearing impaired, disadvantaged women, children and much more.

The concept of Shambhala was born during my time of living overseas for nearly 15 years where I was fortunate to discover firsthand the skills and talent of artists from all over the world. I was also blessed to meet many wonderful and passionate people establishing businesses with the purpose of helping others both socially and economically.

Since returning to Australia in 2018, I have expanded to also include the talents of my home country.  It is great knowing that every purchase we make directly benefits families and communities. Therefore, every purchase our customers make benefits those people too.

Thank you for supporting us and joining us on our journey! Much love xxx

Gold Plated Brass Sri Yantra Earrings
Warriors of the Divine - Angel Wing Kaftan Luxe
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